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We have all the tools and experience to take care of your home projects – indoor and outdoor. Below is a list of large categories of services we are known to offer, but we do so much more that it’s almost impossible to list. 

If you’re unsure whether we can tackle your project, please call us right now at 408-790-0911 or fill out the free estimate form!

We offer handyman services in the San Jose area, including:
  • San Jose, Campbell, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Sunnyvale
  • and other South Bay cities

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No Job is Too Small

You dont need to worry or stress that you’ve got to complete a project yourself or that your task list is too small for a handyman to take on. You’ve found us.

carpentry work by a handyman in san jose, ca
handyman painting house exterior in san jose, ca

We can do projects and tasks like: Drywall repair (got a hole or crack in the wall?), fixture installation, plumbing and toilet leak fix, toilet installation, garbage disposals, furniture assembly, outlet or switch installation, ceiling fan installation, lighting, caulking, door/window replacement gutter cleaning… to name a few. 

Our Services


We patch up holes or cracks in your drywall so it looks like the damage was never there. We also do new drywall installation.


We fix leaks that can waste your money and cause costly damage to your home.

We also fix, replace, and install new toilets.


We can replace your switches, outlets, install new light fixtures or ceiling fans, among other projects that need electrical wiring work.


Have us breathe new life into the interior or exterior of your home by applying a new coat of paint, done professionally.


Take the hassle out of assembling your new furniture by leaving it to us.

and much, much more…

san jose, ca handyman services fixing repairing cabinet

Repair services

All the components that make up a home don’t last forever.  When things break or stop functioning properly, we make sure our repair work is done right the first time with attention to detail.


Whether you’ve got a kitchen or bathroom that needs some long overdue updates, we’ll take care of these essential areas of your home. Need new carpet or flooring? We do that, too. We can also breathe new life into your business or office.

home remodeling project in san jose, ca done by handyman in san jose, ca
plumber working on shower tub spout in san jose ca

We offer both interior and exterior painting to beautify and transform your home. A fresh coat of paint done right is one of the most cost-effective methods to change the aesthetic of your home, inside or out.

handyman in san jose installs crown molding.

Whether it’s a leak or you need a new plumbing solution to fit the new sink, garbage disposal, or vanity you’ve purchased, we have you covered. We can install all those things, too!

handyman in san jose, ca uses paint roller to paint wall

We can change the atmosphere of your home by adding or changing decorative baseboards, crown molding, railings, mantels, and kitchen cabinets. 

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The services listed above aren’t the only things we do. Here’s the bottom line – if you have a project that needs to be done, give us a call. 

Here’s What Our Clients Say about Us

I had a kitchen project involving multiple skillsets I don't have - some plumbing, some electrical, some tile work, and some painting. I did the painting while Pro Handyman SJ installed a new sink and garbage disposal and the plumbing, replaced the light fixtures and installed new recessed lights with a dimmer switch, and re-did the backsplash behind my counters. I'm so glad I let these guys do the work professionally - I love my kitchen.

Jason L.

San Jose, CA

I needed a large OLED TV mounted above my fireplace. I would've done it normally but there were no studs above the brick fireplace that would have fit the mount I bought. Pro Handyman came up with a creative and sturdy solution to mount it that didn't impact the aesthetics of the room too much and now I'm enjoying my TV.
John L.
Campbell, CA
We are going to have baby soon and bought a bunch of furniture from Ikea and Target but we didn't have the time to assemble it all. Pro Handyman assembled it all for us correctly and in decent time. If we hadn't painted the nursery ourselves months ago, we would've asked them to do it as well! Thanks!
Alicia P.
Los Gatos, CA
The previous owners had a poor choice of colors for the walls (in our opinion, haha). We had Prohandyman San Jose paint multiple rooms - bedrooms and bathroom and also some of the exterior of the house. They did such a great job with the detail and they did all the prep work and clean up too so we didn't have to do a thing. The new colors make a huge difference. I'll call them again for other future projects because they do a professional job.
Sandra H.
San Jose, CA