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When you’ve gone to the Ikea showroom and picked up all the bed frame or dresser you’ve wanted or went on Amazon or Wayfair for a new table or shelving unit, there’s always assembly required. Provided instructions are usually somewhere between mediocre and ghastly. Assembly can cause you a headache and cost you lots of time.
handyman assembles nursery furniture in san jose ca

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Leave the assembly to us! We provide assembly services for the following (and more!):
  • Bed frame assembly
  • Bookcase assembly
  • Bookshelf assembly
  • Cabinet assembly
  • Desk assembly
  • Entertainment console assembly or entertainment center assembly
  • Ikea furniture assembly
  • Shelf unit assembly
  • Sofa/couch assembly
  • Storage rack/shelf assembly
  • Table assembly
  • and more
a handyman san jose ca can assemble furniture so you do not have to

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