Drywall Repair and Finishing

If you’ve got holes, cracks, or water damage in your drywall, we can patch it up and finish it so that it looks like that the damage was never there. Our team is fast, efficient, and professional. We deliver you the best drywall repair results you could imagine.

Why hire a handyman for my drywall repair?

Repairing drywall yourself is indeed doable – the smaller the hole or crack, the easier it is to repair. However, unless you’ve got some handy experience and the tools to complete the job, you may find yourself with a patch job that is noticeable and money wasted on tools that you won’t use frequently.

For example, patching a large hole requires buying new drywall, a drywall jab saw, drywall screws, furring strips, joint tape, joint compound, taping knife, sandpaper, and matching paint. You can find drywall easily at your local home improvement store; however, it usually comes in large pieces, such as 4 feet by 8 feet, and can be a hassle to haul to your home. To repair the hole, you’ll need to cut a square of drywall larger than the hole, trace the new piece on top of the damage, use the drywall saw to cut out the damaged drywall (along the lines you traced). Then, you’ll anchor the furring strips (you’ll need to cut) by putting through the hole and screwing them to the existing drywall. The screws will need to be at the right depth to avoid being seen after the repair job is done. You’ll then need to put in place the new drywall piece that you’ve cut and hold it to the existing drywall with joint tape and embedding joint compound with a taping knife. You’ll then cover the whole repair area with joint compound. Once it’s dry, you’ll lightly sand the area and apply another coat of joint compound. After that’s dry, you’ll sand again, and finish it off by priming and painting the repair area with matching paint. 

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Let us fix your drywall damage

If you’ve got no time or desire to perform drywall patchwork, hire a handyman who has years of expertise and has the tools and materials to provide you fast, professional results.

Drywall Installation

In addition to drywall patchwork, we can take care of your drywall installation, whether you are remodeling or putting up new internal walls for residential or commercial settings.

Drywall for installation comes in large pieces, ranging anywhere from 4 feet x 8 feet to 6 feet x 12 feet. We know how to handle the drywall safely and efficiently so that you don’t have to risk your safety.  

Let us install your new drywall

Drywall needs to be installed according to local code, needs to be hung properly and finished professionally to achieve aesthetically-pleasing and long-lasting results.

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