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Electrical and Lighting

Call US before an electrician
Calling an electrician to complete smaller jobs that require wiring and electrical components wouldn’t make sense – they can cost a fortune. Be sure to call us first! 
Safety is the number one concern when it comes to working with electrical wires. We safely and professionally install or replace fixtures, light switches/dimmers, timers, motion detectors, ceiling fans, electrical sockets, and more. We get the job done so you don’t have to worry about whether you’re doing the wiring correctly and safely.

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handyman installs smart home components for lady in san jose ca
Create your dream smart home
In today’s world, you can make your home smart with infinite possibilities – smart switches, smart outlets, and smart recessed lighting, for example, all controlled from your smartphone. However, installation of these devices require wiring and handling electrical components, which can be scary and dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. 
Light fixture replacement and installation
Updating light fixtures can do wonders for the look and ambience of a room. We professionally install or replace light fixtures to enhance the atmosphere of your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom – or anywhere else in your house.
handyman replaced orange light fixture in san jose ca
Ceiling fan installation
Adding a ceiling fan can keep you cooler, can improve a room’s look, and can even provide additional lighting. We’ll properly mount and wire ceiling fans to ensure safe operation.
Update electrical outlets and switches, and more
If you’ve got small children and your outlets need to be updated with tamper-resistant outlets, we’ve got you covered.
Loose switches can also be a hazard – we can safely fix or replace them. 
Remember, call us before you call an electrician!
handyman replaces tamper-resistant outlet for children in san jose ca

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