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Plumbing - Repair, Replacement, Installation

Plumbing Leaks
Leaks can cause a whole host of issues, from a large water bill to damage to your carpentry, floors, drywall, for example. We can fix pipe leaks, leaky faucet fixtures, constantly running toilets, and more.
Toilet Repair
Toilets can have many problems during flushing, refilling, and even when they’re not in use. We can assess the issue you’re having to determine whether or not it can be repaired, before considering replacing the toilet, and ultimately provide you with the most cost-effective solution.
Here are some common problems with toilets:
  • Hissing toilet – if you hear your toilet refilling every few minutes or hours, your toilet may be “ghost flushing.” If this is the case, your toilet is losing water from the inside.
  • Thumping noise after tank filling is complete or during tank filling (during the flush) – water hammer and resonance are sounds caused by worn/damaged washers and/or mineral and rust build up in shutoff valves
  • Thumping noise 
  • Water is leaking from the bottom of the tank (water on the floor) – Leaks can come from the bottom of the fill valve, the water supply connection into your tank, or the bottom of the tank onto the bowl.
  • Toilet flush is weak – it takes more than one flush to clear the bowl
  • Too much water in the toilet bowl – your fill valve may be overfilling the bowl 
  • Toilet tank is slow to fill or will not fill up at all
There are many parts of a toilet that need to be assessed to find the root cause. Our experienced team will accurately assess and diagnose the problem and have the repair job done right and on time.
Toilet Installation
Whether you’re looking to remove a broken toilet or want to replace your current one with a more water-efficient model or one with more features, we can professionally remove your old toilet and install a brand new toilet. 
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Faucet Repair and Installation
To help save you from costly replacements, we can repair your leaky or broken fixtures, including sink faucets and shower heads.
If you’d like to replace your fixtures with brand new ones, we can do that, too!
Sink Repair and Installation
Breathe new life into your bathroom or kitchen with a new sink. We can help remove the old sink and install the new sink, fixing or adjusting necessary plumbing parts properly along the way. 

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